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United Tow Truck Operators proudly serves the Greater Toronto Area with towing services.

Tow Truck Driver with clipboard

Our Towing Services

Tow Truck Services


If your vehicle needs assistance and you don’t know who to call, trust our tow truck drivers to find you and get your car towed.

Jump Start a Dead Battery

Jump Start

Often a tow is not needed, since its just your battery that is dead. We can jump start your car and save you the money.

Changing a Flat Tire

Tire Change

Have a screw or nail in your treads? A sidewall blow out? Just a mystery flat tire? We can come and swap your tire with your spare for you.

Deliver Gas to your empty tank

Gas Delivery

Did you ignore your gas gauge? We’ll deliver some fuel to you, enough to get you to a local gas station so you can get a complete fill up.

Unlock a Locked Car

Auto lockout

It’s getting harder to lock yourself out of your car these days, but some among us still have the skill. We’ll get your keys back in your hands and you on your way.

Stuck in a Ditch and Winch Services

stuck in ditch

Ontario has some deadly winter storms and many drivers accidently go offroading in the snow. We’ll bring our winch and tow your car out of the snow.


United Tow Truck Operators is Ontario's best tow truck service. Dealing with towing companies can be such a hassle, but not with these guys.
Margaret Hersh
I have a fun weekend car that loves to surprise me with a dead battery. I just call UTTO and my car is out of the ditch and onto the road.
Bradley Morris
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More About Us?

We’re reuniting all the members of the tow truck and road side assistance industries. We believe better roadside assistance is possible and, with hundreds of service vehicles across Ontario, we’re putting that into fact. We can help get your car or truck back on the road, with our roadside services including automotive lock out, tire change, jump start, winch & stuck in a ditch services, flat bed towing, fuel delivery and regular ol’ towing.
We are ready to get you out of the ditch and onto the road again.